Cleaning a mailing list is the single most important step to efficient mailings. Wrong or incomplete addresses, customers who have moved or gone out of business and missing zip codes all lower the number of pieces reaching their destination. The US Postal Service is gearing up to require proof that you have kept your list up to date.  Use an ancillary service endorsement (such as “Return Service Requested”) to be notified of customer moves, or have SSSpeedy send your list through National Change of Address (NCOA) processing. Knowing that your next piece will be delivered correctly is worth the cost of either service Call us for tips on how to make your addresses automation compatible.

Class Conscious

Choose your mail class carefully. Invoices, statements and similar individualized material must go first class, but consider a pre-sorted mailing to shave some pennies. Pre-sorted Standard (bulk mail) is more economical and offers mor

The advent of the do-not-call list makes direct mail more important than ever. The need to reach your current and future customers by direct mail calls for developing a mailing plan to use those precious advertising dollars wisely. Here are a few tips for getting the most from your mailing budget.

e discount options. SSSpeedy can barcode your electronically supplied mailing list for even bigger postage savings. Plan ahead, mail early, save $$$$.

Analyze the Size

Any piece over 6” high or 11 ½” wide pays higher postage.  Consider your sizing carefully. Will a smaller size do the job? Can your piece be folded to fit letter size standards?

Design for Discounts

As mail processing becomes more automated, design of your mail-piece will have increasing impact on your postage bill. OCR read areas, color standards and address orientation need to be maintained for automation discounts. Let SSSpeedy help you maximize the speed and deliverability of your mail-piece.

Play or Pay

The USPS is pushing for efficiency. The customer who plays by the rules of the automation game will be the winner.  The mailer with the odd sized piece, dark colored background or out-of-date list will pay with higher postage and wasted pieces. Direct mail is a valuable part of business communications and advertising. Let the pros at SSSpeedy help you get the most for your money.