File Setups  


$50 under 5000
  $75 - 5000+
  $10 each additional file merged

Laser Document

$100 per document/version

NCOA processing

$2/M with $20 minimum
Self Mailers*  

Address and sort

$21/M letter-sized
  $55/M flat-sized
  $75/M Carrier-Route sorted flats

Inkjet indicia, etc.

$10/M additional per element

Tab seals sheer

$21/M per edge required
Envelope Mailings*  

Laser document black only

$37/M per side up to 8.5 x 14

Inkjet Address


Inkjet indicia, return, etc

$11/M additional per element ($16/M on window envelope)

Insert 1-2, #10 envelope


Non-Machinable inserts

$10/M additional

Other letter size envelope

$10/M additional

Flat size envelope

$20/M additional

Additional inserts

$6/M each

Match insert

$25/M 2-way, $50/M 3-way

Seal/Meter/Apply stamp

$16/M ($30/M for hand stamp)

Sort & Tray letters


Sort & Bag flats


Machine Fold





$11/M per element


$3/M per cut
Delivery to Milwaukee PO $10 base charge plus .25 per tray/bag over 20

*Additional charges may apply for non-machinable, bound printed matter, parcels, or overweight mail pieces.

Please call for pricing on services not listed.